John Ducusin

Gamescom on Twitch

Gamescom on Twitch


A collection of the graphics packages I worked on for shows that were live-streamed from Gamescom.


What was your favourite streamers first game? What did they first stream on Twitch? And what can they truly call their favourite game of all time? In Platform, popular Twitch partners reveal all of this and more as they join our host for a chat about where, when and how gaming took over their life, while playing the titles responsible.

Glitch Games

16 German Twitch partners who pride themselves on their gaming skills must battle it out both with and against each other in a bid to win an hour of streaming time onstage, and a sausage (because, Germany).

The Angry Evening Show

Twitch brings the Two Angry Gamers to Gamescom for comedy co-op carnage and commentaries.



Designer / Animator: John Ducusin
Sound: Matt Gravish