John Ducusin




In 2015, I moved down from Portland to San Francisco to work at Crunchyroll with a long time friend and collaborator, Mason KooJoe. It was good times binging on anime and working with a bunch of weebs.

Various show promos from Summer 2016.

Crunchyroll Show Promos


Designer / Animator: John Ducusin
Senior Producer / Editor: Anibal Nunez

Crunchyroll Store

On channel awareness spot for the Crunchyroll Store.

Android Promo

Making phones spin in this promotional video for the Crunchyroll Android app.

Seasonal Bumper

Not the most compression friendly render, but a veritable mash-up of tasty anime tropes nonetheless.

Crunchyroll Collection

The Crunchyroll Collection was the first wave of lifestyle apparel products offered by Crunchyroll. I had the fun task of developing some of the illustrations.



Senior Art Director: Mason Koo
Designers: Ashley Seo, Aliana Rood, John Ducusin